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Archangels smite crafting

Dark Matter is an extremely costly, but extremely powerful material added by Equivelent Exchange. All tools made from it are indestructible and faster/more effective than diamond. In addition, dark matter is necessary to make a large number of special items and devices.

Dark Matter Orbs can be crafted as follow:

Once you craft your first Dark Matter it can be used in an Energy Condenser or Transmutation Tablet to produce more.

Dark Matter is used to produce Items including:

  • Dark Matter Tools
    • Dark Matter Pickaxe
    • Dark Matter Hammer
    • Dark Matter Shovel
    • Dark Matter Axe
    • Dark Matter Hoe
    • Dark Matter Sword
    • Dark Matter Shears

  • Dark Matter Armor

  • Factory Blocks
    • Dark Matter Furnace
    • MK2 Energy Collector
    • MK2 Antimatter Relay

  • Materials
    • Red Matter
    • Dark Matter Block

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