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The most expensive, and the most efficient cable type, Glass Fibre suffers very little distance-related energy loss. They have the same loss rate as Ultra Low-Current Cables(1 EU/t per 40 blocks), however they tolerate currents up to High Voltage (512 EU/t).

Due to latest quality standards of Glass Fibre Cables only the highest quality materials can be utilised, resulting in reduced cable lengths from the same materials.


Yields 4 Units

  • 6 x Glass (Top and Bottom)
  • 2 x Redstone (Sides)
  • 1 x Diamond (Center)

Yields 6 Units

  • 6 x Glass (Top and Bottom)
  • 2 x Silver bars (Sides)
  • 1 x Diamond (Center)


Cable type EU/b Energy loss
Glass Fibre Cable 0.025 1 EU every 40 blocks

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