First go to and click on SSP if you would like it for single player and click on SMP if you would like the technic pack for multiplayer. Beware though it does not work on most servers. Once on the page click direct link and save the file.


The easiest way is to right click the file ( it should be called Technic_5.0.5.7z ) and click extract to Technic_5.0.5 . If your computer can do this then you may skip to the next step if not then keep reading. If your computer can't do what is mentioned above then you'll need an archiving program such as Winrar. I recomend 7-zip as it is free and easy to use.

  1. You should be able to double click it to open the folder. If this does not work then open the archiving program and find the file using that.
  2. Once you have it opened then copy the contents to somewhere outside of the program (I suggest a folder on your desktop).
  3. You should be able to move onto the next step.


Once you have the contents of the file in it's own folder you can open the installer. You need a fresh minecraft.jar meaning you can't have any other mods installed. I also suggest backing up your .minecraft folder first. Once you have the installer open follow the prompts. Now you have the Technic Pack

If this does not work then ask on the help page and the community or I will try to help.

Chris AKA SuperWikiGenius