Summary Edit


A photo of a macerator.

The macerator is used to grind ore giving you two dust for each unit of ore processed.

Iron Ore > Macerator > Iron Dust x2

You can then take that ore dust and smelt it at a 1-1 ratio but because you recieved 2 dust you get two ingots instead of one if you had just put the ore in the furnace.

It can also be used to turn coal into coal dust (used for solar panels), grind Cobblestone and Sandstone into Sand and convert Gravel into Flint.

Maximum Input = 32 EU/t

Basically it just doubles the amount of ore you get.

Video TutorialEdit


In order to create a macerator you'll need;

The 3 flint goes in the top 3 squares, the cobblestone on both sides of the middle row, the machine block in the middle and the electronic circuit in the bottom row middle block.

Powering the MaceratorEdit

A simple setup to power the Macerator is to put it on a square adjacent to a Generator.