Red Matter




Yes (64)




Equivalant Exchange

Red matter is a High Tier Item, And Is Usualy The Base Of the last items Crafted in Tekkit. The Majority Of Red Matter Items Craftable Need A Dark Matter Base, And Therefore, A Dark Matter Version Of Said Item Crafting. This material was added in Equivalent Exchange , and Removed In Equivalent Exchange 3. with an EMC 466,944, Red Matter Is a Particularly Rare Item To Aquire and Is High Tier For probably that reason. This is used to make

-Red Matter Sword

-Red Matter Pickaxe

-Red Matter Shovel

-Red Matter Axe

-Red Matter Hoe

-Red Matter Shears

And the Red Matter Armour Set, Which Can Further be Expanded Into The Infernal Armour With Other High Tear Items Such As Swiftwolf's Rending Gale and Klein Star Omega.

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