Basic FunctionEdit

The Transmutation Tablet comes in two versions; a stationary table like a slab, and a portable tablet useable in the hotbar. Both versions bring up the Transmutation Grid allowing you to convert items with EMC into other items given enough EMC. Placing Items on the Input grid (left side) will show you the items EMC value and the Output Grid (right side) will populate with items that have EMC values near to those inputted and that you have the Essence Matrix of. Note that when placing stacks of items, the Grid only counts it as a single item. Placing an item in the Center of the Output Grid will Target that item, limiting the items available to those with equivalent EMC or less, in addition to placing the item on the top of the Output Grid, for easy duplication. Placing items on the Burn slot will instantly extract the EMC from those items, allowing for easy disposal of items without doing crazy things or requiring an Antimatter Relay. In its basic state, the Tablet can only create either Matter (blocks) or Fuel (Coal and otherwise) from similar EMC - attempting to, for example, place Redstone when you've already burned Sugar and not extracted the excess EMC will fail. Even after you've discovered a way to break this lock, what has been burned last and what is still in the Input grid has an impact on what you may create. If your tablet is currently storing EMC you can tell whether it is Matter or Fuel type by looking at the type of 'lock' at the top of the display (not shown in the picture). Removing the excess removes the lock and allows you to place or burn any item on the table again.

The Path of an AlchemistEdit

A fledgling Alchemist does not have the power of the Cosmos at their fingertips, NAH! Apprentice Alchemists must learn how to transmute from one item to another. You must acquire the item and place it into the Tablet and experiment - deducing the Energy-Matter Currency of said item, there-by storing it's Essence Matrix in the Tablet. Once this has been accomplished, a young Alchemist may turn any items or EMC into that item given enough EMC. As an Alchemist moves up the ranks, he or she is capable of doing things once thought impossible; turn matter into fuel and back again, create and store pure EMC, even duplicate matter en masse. Grand Master Alchemists are said to have access to a Tome of Infinite Knowledge; known as the Alchemical Tome. The EMC of the fully charged Klein Star Omega is half of the power of the Tome.