The Wooden Gear is the most basic gear in the BuildCraft mod. The Forestry mod, being an add-on to BuildCraft, also heavily uses this and the other Gears. Before you use any of this information know it can be edited


The crafting of this item is very basic, one wood can make two wooden gears, the recipe needs 4 Wooden Sticks arranged in the order below.

Wooden Gear

it does not work.

As a Crafting IngredientEdit

The Wooden Gear is primarily used with 4 cobblestone to craft a Stone Gear, a slightly more advanced gear required to create some machines. Wooden gears are also used to create Automatic Crafting Tables, Redstone Engines, Tin Gears, and Copper Gears.

Wood gears can also be used to make automatic crafting tables, which can be life savers for making large amounts of Equilvant Exchange fuel, or for automatic crafting in large machines. The recipe uses a crafting table with four wood gears, one on each side.


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