The wooden transport pipe is used to pump items out of chests, furnaces, I.C. machines, etc. They must be powered by an engine to work, when powered by each type of engine they work differently;
Wooden Pipe Example

A wooden pipe, powered by a redstone engine, pulling stone from a chest.

Redstone Engine: pulls out 1 at a time at a slow rate.

Steam Engine: pulls out 24 items at a time.

Combustion Engine: pulls out 24 at a time at a much faster rate.

Note: Wooden transport pipes will connect to any other pipe, such as cobblestone or stone pipe. But cobblestone and stone pipes will not connect to each other. So when you go to transport items early in the game, use one or the other to 1 machine.


To create a wooden transport pipe place a glass block in the middle of the crafting table and a wooden plank on either side to create 8 pipes.
Wooden Pipe Recipe

The recipe for a wooden pipe.